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Family Involvement

Emerson School's uniqueness results from relationships between families, teachers, and a parent volunteer Board of Directors. These partnerships have been the essence of Emerson for more than 50 years and the key to our continued success. Below is a list of some of the ways you can help through volunteering your time to Emerson.

The Emerson Board of Directors is made up entirely of parent and community volunteers. The Board is responsible for the promotions, business administration, and fundraising for the school as well as setting school policy. Parents are welcome to chair a committee and be a voting Board member or assist on a committee as a non-voting member. The Board of Directors meets monthly, dates and times are posted at the school and in the Emerson Express. All parents are encouraged to attend Board meetings. If you think you might want to become involved please talk with any Board member, or our Director, or just attend our next meeting.


EMERSON EXPRESS is a quarterly newsletter published by the Board as a way of keeping Emerson families up-to-date on Board and school happenings.

Emerson School is a non-profit organization supported exclusively by tuition, gifts, and fundraising events. We hope that all families will participate in fundraising events throughout the year. Our mission is to provide fundraising activities that support families and young children in our community. We try to make it fun, too! Emerson's continued success and fiscal stability depends on the contributions of its families and community members who recognize the importance of the early years as learning years for children.  

Some of this year's events include:  

  • NH Gives June 11 & 12, 2024

  • Costume/Dress Up/Winter Wear Re-Sale (October 16-20, 2023 during school hours)

  • Concord Craft Parent Social (October 25, 2023:  5:30-8:00PM)

  • Gibson's Bookstore (October 25-November 1, 2023) use code Emerson23 

  • Constantly Pizza/ Fall Clean Up - show flyer for Dine-in/ Take out - November 4th 2023

  • High Mowing Seeds (January)

  • Annual Appeal (March)

  • Spring Playground Clean Up TBD

  • Emerson Apparel Sale:  Online All the Time!

  • Emerson Trail Race MAY 4, 2024

In 2001-2002 as part of our 35th anniversary celebration, an endowment fund was established for the school that will eventually provide funds for more tuition scholarships.  When you plan your annual charitable giving, please consider contributing to a future Emerson student's early education and send a tax-deductible gift to Emerson's endowment fund.

Parents can volunteer to be one of the class parents for their child's class. The class parents recruit help with weekly jobs (see below), and other tasks as needed. They also help with special events, distribute children's work to mailboxes, and oversee snack responsibilities. The Class Parent Coordinator, a member of the Emerson Board, is responsible for coordination all class parent responsibilities.

Parents are always welcome to assist in classroom activities.  Cooking with children or reading books to small groups are examples of ways to volunteer in the class room. You can inventory library books or sign up for the snowsuit brigade! In the past parents have played guitar, brought in knitting, helped with clay projects, and shared information about their families' cultural background. Volunteering is a great way to share your own talents while you get to know your child's classmates and teachers.  Students are very proud to see their parent participate in their school.

There is a list of jobs that need to be done every week that help support the teachers and the classrooms. These jobs are posted on the Parent Information Board (PIB) and can be signed up for on a weekly basis. The jobs include: making play dough, filling the birdfeeder (winter only), washing classroom laundry, shopping, and recycling. Many of these jobs you can do with your child!

Twice a year (Fall and Spring) the Building and Grounds Chair will organize a weekend playground clean-up day. Available families are asked to volunteer their time to rake leaves and help with any sprucing up the playground may need. Every few years the Building and Grounds Chair will organize a painting party and ask for volunteers to help paint the classrooms. 

There are always other jobs that need to be done for the School. If you see a need that you can fill let us know. In the past we have had volunteers run specific fundraisers, sell t-shirts, create seasonal decorations, plant flowers, give tech support, bake cookies for special person night, and help with class celebrations.  Please talk to the Director, the Class Parent Coordinator, your child's teacher, or a board member if you have ideas about volunteering.



GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT:  Alaine Broadaway



PROMOTIONS:   Alli Dupont



Late Summer 2024

CHAIR PERSON:  Cassie Raymond



FUNDRAISING:  Kady Daniels and Hannah Buiel

BUILDING & GROUNDS:   Colleen Fehl

Emerson School Board of Directors 2018 Sunset Social
Emerson Board of Directors 2018 Sunset Social
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